Operation Sagip Migrante: Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan)

A relief and humanitarian appeal for victims of typhoon in the Philippines


Dear friends,

Migrante Australia, an alliance of caused oriented Filipino organisations in Australia is appealing to all of you for help to the victims of super typhoon Haiyan of locally called Yolanda in the Philippines.

Typhoon Yolanda has affected a large area including Southern Tagalog, Bicol Region, The whole Visayan Islands and Northern Mindanao.

Updates on the vast devastation are still coming in.  At this time, hundreds already lost their lives and  the Red Cross feared that this could rise to more than one thousand.  Thousands are injured and hospitals are overflowing with patients and many injured are unable to reach the hospitals for urgent and most needed treatment.

Millions of Filipinos are affected.  Many lost their homes and their livelihood and many are stranded with no shelter. Many people need food & drinks, medicine, clothing, blankets, shelter and other basic necessities. This time will be critical to those who are injured.

Communications, transportations and Power supplies are damaged in many areas.  We urgently need help starting now in the hope that we can help save lives and alleviate the sufferings of the those affected by this calamity.

We are saddened by the devastation and this unwanted social and economic effects wrought by this calamity to so many Filipinos who are already poor and suffering.

Once again, we would like to appeal to you for help.  Please dig something from your pocket and your supplies to give to the victims.

Please send check donations to P O Box 606, Laverton 3028 or deposit directly to

Migrante Australia bank account at Bendigo Bank,
BSB No. 633000
Account No. 144174653
Account Name:  Migrante Australia

As in the past natural calamities, many victims in the remote areas and in the most poor areas will likely only get assistance from community and mass organisations like Migrante International and allied organisations who have volunteers and groups set up  in various parts of the Philippines.

Volunteers from Migrante International and allied organisations will be delivering various services and supplies directly to the areas and people affected. Funds raised by Migrante Australia will be sent to Migrante International.

We will circulate or publish regular updates on the status of this operation.

For additional information or any inquiry, you may contact the following officers:

Bong Andres – email: 
bong_britechoice@yahoo.com.au; phone: 0410 632707
Mario Royeca – email: mroyeca@hotmail.com; phone: 0425 261545
Boyan Mallari – email: 
buoyancy70@yahoo.com; phone: 0414 409905 

Butch Kotsakis – email: 
gbkotsakis@gmail.com; phone: 0413 041514
Reyvi Marinas – email: 
reyvi@philippines.com.au; phone: 0421 119776
Stephanie Rabusa – email: 
steph_rabusa@yahoo.com; phone: 0422 171969

Mel Baltazar – email: 
baltazar@westnet.com.au; phone 0414 247154
Rene Alviar –  email: renealviar@yahoo.com.ph; phone: 0452 518189


Sincerely yours,

George Kotsakis
Migrante Australia