Donors and Partners

If you wish to join us in this campaign, email us or contact us via telephone:

Homer Bassig
Mobile: +61 404 034 397

Marlou Abaja
Mobile: + 61410036065

All donors will be publicly acknowledge here, otherwise please let us know if you want to remain anonymous

Current Donors

  • eAwards
  • Scenovia
  • Migrante Australia


People contributed and attended this event

  • Lilet ang Louie Lim and family
  • Bobet and Flor Bitoin and Family
  • Arlene and Jon Tagle
  • Edil and Glo Barreno
  • Jodemer and Melay Capucion and Family
  • Jason Heuzinkveld
  • Steve Heuzinkveld
  • Jovelyn and Robert Heuzinkveld
  • Anthony
  • Jessie
  • Gemma and Brod Allan Francisco
  • Marlou and Irene Abaja
  • Deane Cabuhat
  • Maricris Go
  • Kirsten and Homer Bassig and family
  • Romualdo Avellanosa